Another July engagement shoot starring Latoya + Otis. These too are some of the funniest people I’ve shoot in a while. Latoya with her great smile and Otis with his uncanny ability to make her laugh. This shoot was done in High Point, since the couple didn’t have any preference and I know the area pretty well.  Like some of my other clients, they have a unique story as well. These two met on Twitter. After a few months of replies, mentions and retweets, they decided to go on a date. The rest is history. Here are few pictures from the shoot.

Well hello there!!! Good to see you again Keyonna, Tyrone and Castle McCulloch! Another nice wedding day at the Castle. However, I must admit, I was a bit worried. Keyonna arrived about 30 mins before the wedding was supposed to start and yet somehow she managed to be ready by start time!! The evening went off without a hitch and even the weather cooperated.

This was a quick last second engagement. We manged to squeeze this in about 2 days before the wedding. Both Keyonna & Tyrone are in the Marines and have busy schedules. But as always, I find a way to make it work!! A quick session, but a good one. I hope they like the pictures as much as I do.