I’ve always loved NC A&T and I really love working with Aggies. All of my Aggies should instantly recognize the locations from these pics and they should bring back a lot of memories. We’ve all wasted time sitting in front of the book store.  We basically walked the yard, got to know each other and had fun taking pictures. I hope they like the pictures as much as I do… Aggie Pride!!

Every couple I photograph is special..and I give each one my best. But there is nothing like photographing someone you’ve known for 10+ years. I’ve known Jaime since she about 2001 and I’ve seen her grow up, deal with lost and make a way for herself. She was a bridesmaid in my wedding almost 9 years ago. She has never been one to conform to others opinions and that’s one thing I’ve always admired about her.  Truly her own person…I felt like I knew Kellen, but only from the Instagram pics, that Jaime took of them together. He puts a smile on her face and love in her heart.  I rarely get nervous about photographing people, but I felt added pressure to perform for some reason. I really think I pulled it off.  I would like to give a  special thanks to the Greensboro Library for not throwing us out as he tried to hide to take pictures.(not noticing the overhead video cameras)

I really wish you guys the best, and I don’t think you can imagine how happy we are for two!!

Today’s wedding brings me back to Danville once again….which isn’t a bad thing. I really enjoy weddings in which I know a lot of the guest. It has the feel of a reunion. The weather was a little chilly, but it was manageable. This was my 3rd wedding at High Street Baptist Church. I’t can be tricky, due to the way that the pews are curved, but I’ve figured it out!!

I’ve known Jasmine a lot longer than I’ve known Charles, but he seems like a great guy. Even though I’ve only know Jasmine for a 3 or 4 years, I look at her as a little sister. I’ve watched her grow up. I photographed her college graduation pictures, her bridal portrait and now her wedding.  There was a a lot of heartfelt moments and plenty of tears. That shows you how much these two are loved by their friends. These two are going to do great things. I wish you the best going forward!