I recently purchased the much maligned Canon EOS M for my trip to San Fransisco and I must admit…I love it!!! I have owned a few Canon cameras and I currently have the Canon MkII, MkIII and G15. Since this was a major trip I wanted something better than my G15, but I didn’t want to drag the MkIII and lenses around. I’d been looking  at the EOS M for a while on ebay. They normally have the combo with the 18-55 on sale, but I wanted the 22mm f/2 lens. After patiently waiting, the 22mm combo went on sale for $250. I purchased it with hesitation!!

The camera came with the newest firmware and was ready to shoot out of the box.  Most people complain about the AF speeds, personally I find them to be okay.  No..its not as fast as my MKIII, but its fast enough to catch most things.  I really love the fact that I can select focus points by just tapping an area on the LCD screen. I wish my other cameras had this feature.

The interface takes a bit to figure out, but it is easy to use.  I haven’t used the video feature enough to have an opinion on it, but I’ll get to that another day.

The picture quality in my opinion is top notch! Just as good as any Canon mid tier DSLR.  ISO performance is great at 3200 and pretty usable at 6400. Exposure is consistent and works as it should.  It was an easy transition coming from the 5D’s

If you can get this camera for less than $300, you should!! I can’t think of anything that at that price all the way up to $450 that is better. You need to understand the limitations (M Mount, AF limitations, etc) before buying. If you can live with the limitations, this camera will surprise you.



This wedding was a long time in the making. It seemed as if I met Ashley & Roman over a year ago. In that time, we did an engagement and bridal shoot. Today, the wedding was finally here. The wedding was held at Saint Matthews Missionary Baptist Church in Raleigh.  I very nice church with two sanctuaries. The reception was held at the Raleigh Country Club. I always enjoy country clubs!! After the wedding was over we had a short commute the to country club. It was really hot when we got there, so I had to get a bit creative with the group shot. I figured they would rather take it in the shade than the blazing sun. After moving a few tables and chairs, I finally got the photo I wanted. Later that evening, the couple and I went out to take some more photos alone. I would to acknowledge all of the hard work that was done by the brides brother. I believe the made all of the flower arrangements as well as some other things. He really worked hard. I really enjoyed working with Ashely and Roman and I wish them the best going forward.

Ashley + Roman

Another week, another wonderful wedding!! Like I said before, I really like outdoor weddings. Even if it is 200 degrees outside. Today we were at the Tuscany Gardens in Brown Summit. Robert and Tamika Blackmon had the weather cooperate. As I mentioned to the bride, this is the 4th time I’ve photographed twins. These two really made my job easy, They were so photogenic and the emotions were genuine. There wedding was a great transition into my vacation. I wish you guys the best going forward!!