#Rigginswiggins…  This was the hashtag used for today’s wedding between Lawrence Wiggins and Katerra Riggins. They two had the pleasure of exchanging nuptials today, and I had the pleasure of photographing it with Tory Bass. Thank you for your assistance. These two traveled all the way from Boston to get married near their friends and families. The ceremony was beautiful and the wedding party was great!! You guys made our jobs enjoyable. Sharp Pursuits did a wonderful job of keeping things organized and the Charles Mack Citizen Center were very accommodating. This had to be one of the most “energetic” receptions I’ve seen in a while!! There were a lot of young people and a lot of young legs. They could have danced all night. I felt as if I was back at NC A&T. They two enjoy living life to the fullest and I hope they can do so for  a very long time.


Marquita White -

I maybe mistaken but I’m fairly certain Dan Junious referred your information to me. He said that you were coworkers a few years back. I’m contacting you because I’m interested in finding out information about my mother’s wedding. We’re looking for a photographer for December 20th. I can be contacted through email to set up a meeting. Thank you!

Chris and Kanecia came to me via referral ( always love that) and there wedding was local (another plus!!). This was my second church wedding of the year. The bride was beautiful and Chris probably smiles more than any groom I’ve ever photographed. These two met at GTCC some years ago and built a family during the years. Both kids were able to participate in the wedding. (Flower girl and Jr. Groomsman) . George K’s hosted the reception and they did a good job. After everything was over, Chris and Kaneia were able to kick back and relax on a cruise.  I wish you two the best and I really enjoyed photographing your wedding day. 


Another Saturday, another fun outdoor wedding!! This time at the Treyburn Country Club. This is a gorgeous venue and if you are in the Raleigh/Durham area, you should check them out. Ask for Elizabeth!! I would also like to thank Elana and her team from Savoir-Faire Signature Events for doing a spectacular job. I did an engagement shoot for these two but it rained on us, but it was nothing but sunshine and blue skies today!! Tory and I had a great time, the bridal party were great.  They were really supportive and cooperative. The families were gracious as well. By the end of the night, I felt like a cousin.  I really love outdoor weddings, for numerous reasons, but I love that they make for beautiful photos. Carmesha and Randy are a great couple and I really wish you guys much happiness in the future.