This was my first wedding for 2014. Thank you to Stephanie Henderson for helping me. It was also a very special wedding. Kacey Cunningham Hairston and her twin sister Kelly Kelly C Knight are my first cousins. I remember when these two were born! I held one in each arm. I think I have a picture to prove it somewhere… I was so glad I could take care of her on her big day. Stephen is a great guy and I’m sure he will take care of her. I wish you the best, I love you both. This is also my first fusion video. While photographing the wedding, I recorded video as well, so I could compile a “highlight reel” of the days events. I hope you enjoy.


My second time shooting in a place where I could possibly get thrown out…but it’s better to ask for forgiveness than permission.  Shawn and Veronica wanted to shoot inside the South Pointe Mall, and since I’m like to give the people what they want, I was all for it. The mall had special meaning in their relationship. This is where “it” got real. They took me to various locals inside the mall and explained to me what went on there. The mall itself is very nice which was an added plus. After leaving the mall, we visited this bridge in Cary where he proposed….awwww. These two are very fun to be around and I can’t wait to shoot the wedding!!

Engagement at South Point Mall

Engagement at South Point Mall

John and Amanda was a great end to my 2013 wedding season. It’s been a enjoyable year. I’ve met some great couples and I’ve been to some great places. John and I actually met while in Grad School a few years ago. He is a great guy and a Carolina Panthers fan….so is okay with me!! He contacted me a few months before his wedding and even though I was done booking, I couldn’t say no. I’m glad I did, It was great finally meeting Amanda, he talked about her all the time, but I never had a chance to meet her until the wedding day. I can see why he loves her. I would like to thank Tory for all of his assistance this year and congrats on his new addition to the family. Congrats again to John and Amanda and I will you guys the best!

John + Amanda