aka Wiggins & Riggins!! how cool is that. A couple whose last names rhyme. Today’s engagement shoot was on Halloween and during North Carolina A&T’s homecoming. They live in the Boston area, but of course they would come back for homecoming. We were forced to shoot early in the day, but the weather worked out great. I also had to make sure I got back in time to take my kids trick or treating! We started in the Tanger Botanical Gardens and ended up on the campus of the greatest HBCU in the world! Aggie Pride! To make things even better, they both had some custom shirts which were made by a friend. This was my 3rd time shooting on campus and I enjoy coming back every time. I love seeing the young faces, the future leaders.


Whitney & Kameron were originally a milestone for me. These two were going to be my last wedding of 2013, but I managed to book one more for November. I meet Kameron and Whitney last spring for out engagement session at UNCC. We really had a good time and I good a personalized tour of the campus which brought these two together. When I met Kameron he seemed very reserved, which worried me..I was hoping that he would open up during the wedding and he did not disappoint. They had a ball and the love was radiating from both. The wedding took place in Holly Springs and the reception was at Ben Venue in Apex. Whitney was one of the most beautiful brides I’ve had the pleasure of photographing and the amazing thing is that she has a twin sister. And to make things even more amazing. Kameron’s best man was his twin brother!! I really had a great time photographing these two and I told them we can do it again in 40 years (hopefully my kids will be taking the pics)

Katie -

The pictures are gorgeous! I love that they capture how happy you two are as a couple! I cannot wait to see more, great choice of photographers.

My first engagement shoot in Raleigh, NC was with Ashley and Roman. I was not familiar with the area so they decided that downtown would be a good location and it was. We went up and down the main street, took pictures, visited a subway, talked to a worker from Greenpeace and had a good afternoon. Roman was very into taking pictures and is very comfortable in front of the camera, which made the day that much more enjoyable. These two will be wedding next year. Be on the lookout for more pics!!